Conscious Earth Therapy

As I entered the huge field of grass, I noticed the flowers were starting to bloom since last I was there. I walked across to find a spot where the grass was soft and not sticky as I was prepared to immerse myself right down on it. I was ready to consciously connect to mama earth!

I find a suitable spot and lay my backpack down, kick my shoes off and plant myself right in this field of grass. Why am I here you ask? Well I recently ran across a podcast called IInnerWealth with David & Liz and they were talking about this grounding idea of reconnecting with the earth. David said he had gotten the information from a man name Clint Ober.

I thought hmmmm Caribbeans been doing this out of sheer poverty, most don’t have plentiful shoes or just prefer to walk barefoot. I live in the Caribbean half of the year as a refuge from the oppressive states. As a side I can even remember MutaBaruka talking so adamantly about how he refuses to wear shoes as he was not born with them and how Babylon wants to make artificial manufactured beings. So when I was listening to the podcast I was like yeah that makes since, being connected with the earth as it is a living breathing entity.

So anyways back to the grass. So I’m sitting there barefoot, feet planted in the grass sitting in the dirt. Honestly I can’t even remember the last time I actually connected with the earth’s surface. At first I had my neo soul music playing on my little portable speaker but I turned it off. The music I was starting to tune into from nature was simply beautiful. After about the first 20-30 minutes I started to hear nature in a way that I never paid attention to.

Now I’m like wait a minute am I just tripping, is this some kind of mind placebo or is this really happening? As I continued to tap in, I was like oh shit this is really happening. I could hear the birds communicating with one another, the dog barking from afar out of the right side of my ear and even the children (that normally annoy me) playing on the playground was like music.

Everything was in tune! Everything was in riddum ( as we say in jamrock). Interestingly I picked a spot in the grass right amongst the bees. As I continued to meditate and tune in to this amazing frequency, I just sat there and watched the bees pollinating the flowers. They noticed me and I noticed them but we just respected each other’s space. They didn’t try to sting me and I did not swat at them. Normally I would feel some kind of way with that many bees. It was an absolute beautiful exchange of respect.

At one point an elderly woman was walking on the trail. She had to be mid 80’s or so as her back was hunched and she was full of wrinkles and had a slower stride. I could see in her eyes something was going on maybe cataracts or something but she gave me the biggest smile and the warmest wave. I waved back and immediately had a full on sense of gratitude, wholeness and love that filled my entire body. As I started to shed some tears of joy just to be healthy, vibrant and full of life, my mind flashed on my mom & grandmother(RIP) which also gave me a huge sense of gratitude.

In that moment I felt totally invincible, all problems and worries GONE! I felt so connected to all living beings. The frequency I was on played a beautiful song as I was even swaying my body side to side in tune with it. At this point I was like could this really be all from just sitting here with my feet in the grass?

Some children started to come into the field and starting running around, having the time of their lives just by simply running in the grass. I thought to myself, they got it, they are in tune! Where do we lose that connection?

My research will continue into the science behind this whole grounding and reconnecting to the earth and all the benefits. I ordered some books yesterday on grounding and am simply fascinated by the entire concept and at the same time I feel like “duh” of course this is a thing. We are made of the same stuff as the earth so 🙂

One last thing before you go, when I woke up this morning. I could feel that my rest last night was some of the best sleep I have had in a long time. I woke up feeling very well rested. I dreamed so vividly and can actually remember some of the things while dreaming. A lot of clarity came through my dreams last night and I’m so so eager to reconnect to mama!

Stay healthy fam, bless up!💞